Rafael Snowman

Today at GBC we were working with coloured modeling marzipan! How fun! So it stared out with the chef doing a snowman and then my friend decided to make hers into a pirate inspired by recent events. So of cours i had to be creative as well so who better to make than Rafael Nadal in snowman version?? 
so today i was thinking i really need to put some pictures up on here and i have some of cakes i have done but i wanted some nice pictures so why not make something new!? well the great idea of lemon cupcakes with rosemary infused buttercream icing ended up being a very sugar burnt pot which is still sitting outside on the porch (placed there due to the smoking up of the house) a soupy 2 hour icing concoction and sour shortbread-ish stuff which is now in the garbage. All and all the worst thing i thing i have ever made yet it had the potential to be the best. Learned a lot!!
It's my first blogging day ever!! whoohoo, hopefully one day in the future i will look back at this and say yes, blogging was a genius idea! All credit must go to Winalfredo who inspired me to make a blog, so ten points for her. I think I will talk mostly about baking and things I learn in class (at George Brown college) but now and again i might toss in something else exciting because I enjoy inventing a wide variety of foody things. Things I must make soon are cake pancakes*, sticky buns, muffookies*, dirt cake, bird nest cupcakes, chicken wings, and something that will impress my sister.