Holiday cheer

So GBC has let us out to frolic in the snow at Christmas time! yay!! Being the time of year where there are jolly parties and get togethers I was hired by my father to make some tasty treats for a Christmas shindig at his work. So I was wondering what sort of fun treat I could create for him I remembered that our chef had made a special rumball in class one day. It was pear shaped with a cherry in the centre. So I thought I would have some fun and try them out and here they are - Chocolate-covered pear-shaped rumballs with a cherry in the middle!!!

So I was feeling very much in the baking mood last night but I had already had dinner and didn't want to eat anything else. So instead of baking then I planned a delicious breakfast feast for Darren, Winnie, Liz, and myself! I got up early and made cheese souffle, pancakes, pork loin, ham, tea, and of course these banana chocolate chip muffins! They were Yummy!! (and so was everything else).

So for the past few weeks a number of first year baking and pastry arts students have been designing, building, and decorating gingerbread houses for a contest that was held this past tuesday. Of course I was in on the action and designed a really neat house. The sad part was that some of the pieces didn't fit when I tried to put them together! So I changed my idea and created a house with what would fit together and got blue and silver candy to make it look nice and took six hours decorating it. So on tuesday all the planning and hard work payed off when it was announced that first place went to house 13, MINE!!! So this is a picture of the winning gingerbread house!