Wedding cupcakes

Wow posting two days in a row is a new record! And I should have another cake to put up tomorrow! Yay!

This picture is actually from May of 2008. I was recently looking at wedding photos of my friends Jess and Mark and I realized that I had not put a picture of their wedding cupcakes up anywhere. So being on a blogging role I decided they must be the next post. This picture shows two of the five ways I decorated them. The flowers were hand made out of fondant and the top row are done with white pearl dragees. I also did some with royal icing butterflies, polkadots, and stripes, all in the brown, blue, and ivory colour scheme. The flavours were carrot cake, white chocolate raspberry, almond ammeretto, chocolate, and lemon. I also must say that the wedding was a blast, the ceremony was beautiful, the speaches were funny, the food was creative and very tasty, and the dancing was a party, not to mention that the bride looked stunning!!


So finally, after three attempts, I have got around to posting pictures of the infamous "NIKE CLUBHOUSE". The Australian Open has been on t.v. for the last week and a half and each time I was watching I thought, " I really need to put those pictures up!"
For those who have no idea what a "NIKE CLUBHOUSE" is, it is my second gingerbread creation of the past Christmas season. As most people know, I am a rather large fan of tennis, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and for the most part Maria Sharapova. So since they are all sponsored by Nike I decided to make a Nike clubhouse for my marzipan figures of Rafael and Maria. (Sadly Roger is not seen here because I felt that, in snowman form, he would look too much like Rafael, so I am pretending that he is inside the clubhouse enjoying some Swiss pastries made my me.) This house was made in my class at George Brown College and I think my chef really enjoyed the creativity and sillyness of it. Here are some pictures of my house, complete with a match being played on the back court. ENJOY!