So finally, after three attempts, I have got around to posting pictures of the infamous "NIKE CLUBHOUSE". The Australian Open has been on t.v. for the last week and a half and each time I was watching I thought, " I really need to put those pictures up!"
For those who have no idea what a "NIKE CLUBHOUSE" is, it is my second gingerbread creation of the past Christmas season. As most people know, I am a rather large fan of tennis, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and for the most part Maria Sharapova. So since they are all sponsored by Nike I decided to make a Nike clubhouse for my marzipan figures of Rafael and Maria. (Sadly Roger is not seen here because I felt that, in snowman form, he would look too much like Rafael, so I am pretending that he is inside the clubhouse enjoying some Swiss pastries made my me.) This house was made in my class at George Brown College and I think my chef really enjoyed the creativity and sillyness of it. Here are some pictures of my house, complete with a match being played on the back court. ENJOY!

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