Castle Cake

So first off I can't post a blog today without saying how amazing both Federer and Nadal played this morning in the Australian Open final. I was so happy that Rafael won, it was his first win at the Australian open and he earned it! But this isn't a tennis blog so enough about that. 
Today is my little cousins birthday party, she is turning 4 tomorrow! So of course being this age she loves princesses and has millions of princess costumes and Disney princess dolls and books. So I decided I would make her a princess castle cake. I had purchased the Wilton Dream Castle cake set last year and still had not had a chance to use it, so I was very excited. I originally planned to put little Disney princesses on the cake, but I couldn't find any when I went shopping, so I got My Little Ponies instead (she also love those and even has a special My little Pony backpack to put them in). So here is a picture of my creation. The cake is a yummy buttery lemon with lemon filling and vanilla italian buttercream.

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