Mousse Cakes

So I have decided that I am officially the biggest blog slacker in the world. I have had pictures to put up on here for quite a while and my friend Angela has been telling me to put up my pictures from class, so today I was finally inspired to do so after reading my friend Leah's blog. So this is going to be a rather large rant because I have quite a few pictures to put up and I think it would be good to explain them all! So I guess I will go backwards time wise because I want my pictures to display in the proper order of when I made them. So first up we have the Charlotte Royal which we made this past week at GBC along with Sacher torte slices (which I didn't take a picture of but they were still quite nice). This week was quite fun and my lab partner Julia and I had some slightly stressful moments, but I think it is good sometimes when things go wrong in the lab, that way you learn from your mistakes. So Monday was a good day, we made our jelly rolls and sacher cake base without any problems. Tuesday was our slightly problematic day. We started our day off by making the bavarian cream for our charlotte and it burned so then we had to remake it, which wasn't a big deal but just set us back time wise. The next problem was either a result of the whipped cream being mixed improperly into the bavarian or I was too cautious cooking it the second time, so when we poured it into the jelly roll moulds it was a bit thin and seeped through some cracks, not what we wanted. Also, as a result of this, it was quite tricky to place the jelly roll on top (which when inverted was the bottom of the cake) without it sinking in. So finally we got that all sorted out and put it in the fridge to set up. Then I went to get our sacher cake from a different fridge and found that someone had managed to crack it in half! Needless to say we were not very happy but did manage to fix the problem. Wednesday was a better day where we were just finishing off and decorating, so it was fun and stress-free.
The next cakes are chocolate, raspberry, and mango mousse cakes. These were fun to make but they also caused a slight bit of stress. Kristen, my best friend at GBC, and I were lab partners this time and we had some difficulty doing our striped sponge. We made our chocolate base without problems but when we went to spread it we took too long and our parchment sheet decided to get soggy so it was bunching and sliding and making me very
 annoyed and frustrated. But we got that finished and out of the way. Then later on in the process of making the mousses we had to line the cake rings with the striped s
ponge. This was also an annoying process when the sponge doesn't bend enough and breaks instead, also the chocolate stripes were not the same consistency as the sponge so they were falling off! I almost wanted to give up but that would not solve our problems so we managed to get it finished. Thankfully the rest of the assembly went well. BUT then came decorating. Our chef must have some unreal chocolate working skills because she did a demo of the chocolate lattice that was going around the sides of our chocolate mousse 
and it looked easy-peasy to do. After about the tenth time everyone had attempted to do their own lattice we were seriously running out of time (basically this is the most stressful thing to happen because their is a class right after us) and the chef told us to stop trying and just get them packaged. I think we left about a half hour late that day and we were all pre
tty glad to get out of there, although I think the cakes looked pretty good.
Last but certainly not least (these are my favourites) we have the special occasion cakes for Valentines day. This were my favourite cakes of 
the semester, they were so pretty and fun and relatively stress-free. The only problem we had when making our cakes was that the baking sheets we used were a little wonky so when we stacked our sponges there were some uneven spots on top. Otherwise I had a blast making these cakes. I got to practice my masking and piping, two things I enjoy doing, and we got to make up our own design! Yay! I decided to do lots of tiny marzipan roses on the heart-shaped cake and nice large ones on the square cake. I had a blast making the roses and due to previous experience and practice, they were really beautiful. Chef clearly thought so too because she took pictures of my cakes and when she told me my mark for that day I actually thought she was joking! I will also add that these cakes were really tasty. I bo
ught one to bring to my bible study and me and the girls ate almost the whole thing! 
So those are a few of the items we have done recently at GBC. Hopefully I won't take so long before my next post. God has given me some really good cupcake ideas which I can't wait to try out but I will have to wait a while as I have given up junk/sweets for lent! Surprisingly it hasn't been that hard, I just eat a lot of fruit. Anyways that is the end of this super long post and I am quite hungry! Off to make some yummy eggs and toast... tootles!

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