Stress Stress Stress

So the last couple of weeks at GBC have been quite enjoyable apart from 2 or 3 days of craziness and one of those being the only day I have ever wanted to give up on something at school. This day was when we made Napoleons and Mille Feuille. It was one of the days we were running out of time so everyone was in a rush and the pastries had not had time to set enough for proper cutting. It is really frustrating when you are cutting something and the filling is trying to squish out the sides and the fondant on top is running down the sides. I wanted to quite and just cry but I managed to stick it out and received my lowest mark of the semester. The best part about these days though is that you learn a lot more than when everything goes right. You learn all the things you don't want to be doing and i can't say I didnt have any fun in that class because we did get to make fun designs on our Strawberry Napoleons by burning icing sugar on top.
The other crazy day was just this week when working with chocolate. Chocolate is quite the tricky thing when you are first starting out. Not only do you have to temper it but you have to keep it in temper so you 
can continue to work with it. So my we all had to use moulds to make chocolate Easter bunn
ies and eggs for a showpiece. My first attempt at a bunny was good
 other than not having enough clips on the side of the mold so it leaked and I had to redo it, this was fine because that happened to others as well. Then I was molding my shells for our chocolates filled with white chocolate passionfruit gnache and they were too thi
n so I had to redo them as well. So I redid them and they still seemed kind of thin but they needed to be filled and I went ahead and filled them (by this point we were starting to run out of time) then I place them on a tray so they could be set for the next class. I started to do my cleanup task and then 10 min later we found out they needed to be in the fridge because the chef 
wanted us to unmold them today!! we 
had about 10 min left in class so I had no idea how this was going to work but I ran and put mine in the fridge. Then due to them not coming out and going over clas
s time, Chef decided we could just leave them in the fridge for the next day. So all was well until
 the next day when I was popping mine out and they all broke because the chocolate was too thin!! argggg. So I redid them again and they worked beautifully! The rest of the showpiece making w
as fun and pretty much stress free.

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