Peach Puff Crumble

So it was sunday morning, the best morning for baking, and some of my family had stayed overnight and I thought it would be nice to surprise them with a yummy morning pastry. We had a delicious basket of peaches sitting on the counter which were starting to go bad so they were my first choice of ingredients. I knew we had some puff pastry in the fridge so I thought that would work well with them. I also saw some cinnamon creamed honey on the counter and decided that would be a delicious match for the peaches. So I started off by rolling out the puff pastry dough. Next I mixed the cinnamon honey with some soft cream cheese and spread it over the puff dough. Then I chopped the peaches and tossed them on top. I also made some brown sugar crumble topping with oats and butter and sprinkled that on top. Next it was in to the oven for 20 minutes and 400f. cool and ENJOY!

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