So I'm back at GBC and things are about to start full swing this week; we will be using the new baking labs for the first time! I really can't wait! They are now totally re-done with new ovens, blast freezers, proofers and we now have group stations where we have our own mixers, fridges, storage space, etc... YAYYYYY!

Our first three projects have been preserves, souffles, and cocoa painting. Kristen and I, in our first week, made apricot and jalapeno jelly (soooo good), raspberry jam with chambord, and strawberry pat de fruit. 

The next week the souffles we made were chocolate with pear port compote and savory with egg, spinach, and parmesan (also sooooo good, I think I had 4!) 

Week three we did cocoa painting. For my design I wanted to do something with a harvest theme, since it is the season, and I chose grapes. We went to a winery two days before for a wine tour and that was what inspired me. Here it is, Enjoy!


Just a few days ago my grandparents (Noni and Nono) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!! hooray!! Congratulations to them!

Of course my mom, being the great party hostess she is, decided to have a party for them. We invited my grandparents siblings and a few cousins and had a wonderful time talking and looking at old pictures. My mom and aunt made a nice meal with lots of tasty h'ors doeuvres. And of course she had fancy dessert of cream, custard, and strawberries in a chocolate cup, different types of cookies, and a cake made by me!

My mom asked me to do a two level cake that had 60 on it. Pretty simple, so I jazzed it up with small gumpaste flowers around the sides, cornelli lace in buttercream, and a large gumpaste flower on top. Of course everything was in blue because that is my Noni's favourite colour. It was chocolate cake with chocolate gnache filling and my moom made a raspberry coulis (coo-lee not coo-liss as my mom couldn't stop saying!) to be served with it. It was completely iced in a vanilla swiss buttercream and was yum yum yummy!

Here is the lovely couple on their anniversary (with the cake) and on their wedding day 60 years ago! ENJOY!

Big Mac Cake

My brother asked me to do a cake for a goodbye party for an artist at his school (OCAD). He also said it had to be the recreation of this artist work: a big mac dunked in whit paint! Wow! Brainstorming for this cake was a little tricky and there were a few different possibilities. I decided to go with white cake for the top and bottom buns with chocolate cake for the patty, just so it would be fun when cut into. I also had a hard time deciding what to use for the lettuce, because it needed to be white, so i ended up melting and shaping starburst chews and covering them with white icing. To finish it off I piped some sesame seeds on top to recreate the typical McDonalds bun. I was pretty happy with the finished cake and my brother said all the party attendees were very impressed and really enjoyed the cake.