Big Mac Cake

My brother asked me to do a cake for a goodbye party for an artist at his school (OCAD). He also said it had to be the recreation of this artist work: a big mac dunked in whit paint! Wow! Brainstorming for this cake was a little tricky and there were a few different possibilities. I decided to go with white cake for the top and bottom buns with chocolate cake for the patty, just so it would be fun when cut into. I also had a hard time deciding what to use for the lettuce, because it needed to be white, so i ended up melting and shaping starburst chews and covering them with white icing. To finish it off I piped some sesame seeds on top to recreate the typical McDonalds bun. I was pretty happy with the finished cake and my brother said all the party attendees were very impressed and really enjoyed the cake.

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