Cake Sculpting Contest

This is officially GBCs fall reading week but for the last two day I have been in the baking lab, by personal choice. The big long story is that our schedule was rearranged in September due to the delayed construction of our baking labs. Since we missed out on cake sculpting, due to this issue, our chef decided to have it as optional attendance over the reading week and make it into a contest. So we had the last month or so to come up with ideas on what we were going to do and plan it out. My idea came from my sister when we were leaving her work one day. They sell fun hats and hair things and she said I should do a hat with a veil for my cake. I though this was a good idea and would be a good way to show off my skills. As it turns out, I did a very good job of showing my skills, because I not only came home with a headache today but also a first place medal and prize from the contest. Hip Hip Hooray! God really has blessed me with cake skills, so all glory to Him! Here are some pictures of the prize winning cake. It is a pill box hat with veil on a mannequin head with feathers and flowers on one side and a string of pearls at the base of the cake. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

is that veil royal icing??

Emily Hunt said...

Yes. It is royal icing strengthened with eggwhites.