The new baking labs are awesome! Bright, colourful, and well organized. There is really one one problem; the racks under our work benches are slightly too large for the trays so you have to be careful to place them in properly. I did hear my chef mention they are fixing something, so hopefully that is what will be fixed.
One of the best features of our stations are the induction burners. It is much better having your own team burner at your station, rather than trying to squeeze all together for burner space in one part of the class room. This came in very handy when we were working with hot sugar this week. 
There is one more issue but I am the one to blame for it. The work bench I picked is right beside the scaling station, so when everyone is scaling ingredients at the beginning of class Kristen and I are very squished and bombarded with people. Not much fun. Otherwise things are great!
So this week we made rum babas which are little cakes with currants and soaked with rum syrup. These were pretty easy to do but for some reason Kristen and I didn't quite follow the directions and scooped our batter before we let it proof. Luckily we noticed right away and fixed the problem and in the end they work out beautifully. The second day we made brioche which is a rich yeast dough. We made this into a few different pastries which included cinnamon buns, sticky buns, doughnut bites, apricot pastries, and tetes. The sticky buns were delicious and had browns sugar, butter, cinnamon, and pecan spread in the bottom of the tray so when we flipped them they had a gooey sweet topping that was absolutely amazing! The other things we made just didn't compare. Our last day we made the croquembouche (see picture). These were fun and a bit stressful as we started to run out of time. I also burnt myself while cleaning out our pot which really was not very pleasant. Thankfully it was a water burn and not a sugar burn or I probably would have needed to go to the hospital. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and I was able to finish my work. Sadly the rushing at the end of class didn't allow me to make the finishing touches as nice as I would have liked, but I was happy with the final product anyways. The only problem with this class was that we had to take our croquembouches home (yes I'm sure most people think I'm crazy for not wanting to take it) which resulted in my eating about half of it that night! Sugar coated cream puffs are really quite addicting! Well that's about it for this post, get ready for next week when we do mousse cakes! ENJOY!

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keep posting close up pictures! i want to drool over your awesome gooooods hehe =)

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