Tarts and Puff pastry

This week at GBC we made quite a few different items. Day one started off with puff pastry that we had prepared and frozen the week before. We ma

de Tarte Tatin which consists of apples and caramel covered with a circle of

 puff pastry and baked. It is inverted before serving so the apple fan/design is displayed. (top photo). Sadly, the pectin we used either wasn't the right kind or it wasn't enough so it didn't the caramel and we ended up having a bit of a runny but tasty mess. We also made Palmiers which are strips of puff dough rolled up to resemble a palm leaf. The dough is rolled out with sugar which caramelizes while baking and adds sweetness and extra crispness the the pastry. Last but not least we made Pithivier; two large circles of puff dough filled with almond cream (frangipane) with scalloped edges and a

scored design on top. (second photo).

Day two we were working with sweet dough. We rolled our dough out into five large tart shells and made three Chiboust tarts and two Apple Normand tarts. The Chiboust tarts were made by filling the shell with a frangipane mixture and baking. When still hot, we brushed the frangipane with a syrup for extra flavour and moisture then we cooled them in the fridge so we could put the peaches, raspberries, and the chiboust on top before the end of class. For the Apple Normand we filled the tart shell half way with frangipane and then topped it with a fan of apples. When it was partially baked we removed it from the oven and added a drizzle of Calvados and a milk mixture. We then finished baking and until the milk mixture was set.

Day three we worked with almond sweet dough and finished our Chiboust and Apple Normand Tarts. With the almond dough we made Cherry Clafoutis. These were made by lining a tart shell with almond dough, placing brandy cherries in the shell, and then filling them with a clafoutis mixture (similar to a pancake batter, but runnier) and baking. (The third picture shown is when they have just come from the oven). The finishing of the Chiboust tart was done by adding an orange mirror glaze, fresh fruit, and chocolate. The Apple Normand was 

finished with apricot glaze, almonds, fresh fruit, and chocolate. The Clafoutis were finished with a dusting of icing sugar, a whipped cream rosette, and chocolate shavings. Sadly I had to leave class early for a badminton tournament (which went really well) and forgot to take pictures of the finished products before I left, but I did get a shot of the almost finished Apple Normand  (last photo) ENJOY!!

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Ha, Ha! I found it. Thanks Emily. Your stuff looks awesome. Nice work:)