More Mousse

This post should have been done two weeks ago but I thought my cute little cousin had deleted my pictures off of my phone. When I was looking the other day the pictures somehow were actually still there, so I was very happy!

The first thing we created were cream cheese mousse cakes with a delicious almond crumble topping and drizzled with a chocolate caramel sauce and also had a very tasty apple jelly on the inside. There was a close call with the caramel sauce because I forgot to take the cream out of the fridge to warm up. The result was almost a lump of hard sugar floating in cream, but it was savable and our sauce was delicious.

The other items we made were lime mousse tarts. They had a sweet dough and frangipane base, lime curd, and lime mousse on top. We decorated them by putting white chocolate gnache on top and then spraying them with green cocoa butter for extra colour. The spraying was quite a mess and rather frustrating. Then we added sugared pistachios, white chocolate gnache, and white chocolate decorations.

We were also supposed to plate our small versions of the mousses but we ran out of time so we just threw all the components on a plate and had snack time on class! It was really yummy. The components on the plate are a miniature lime mousse cake with apple jelly inside and apple chip on top, caramelized apples, chocolate caramel sauce, almond crumble, and fennel salad (soooo amazing!). ENJOY!