Christmas Tree Cake

Since there are only ten more days until Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to post my latest cake creation. It is a Christmas tree cake made for one of my chefs at GBC. It is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I cut out and veined fondant leaves to make the tree look realistic. I also made gumpaste golf and construction themed items as gifts around the base of the tree (these were requested/part of the theme). ENJOY!

Chocolate Competition

I really can't believe how much God has blessed me this year! In my latest big blessing, I have won another contest at school.
A few weeks ago we had a Lindt chocolate competition at George Brown and I decided to make a festive christmas piece with snow tipped pine cones, berries, and a bow. It was a bit tricky and worrisome to complete but I was quite happy with the end result and so were the teachers and judges. My birthday was the first day of judging to pick the top three of each class, it was a wonderful present to find out that I had made it. The next day the top three from each of five classes (including two ties) were set up in the school for all to see and then they were judges by new judges. Out of the top 17 competitors the third place went to my friend Julia who made a white chocolate ball, swirled with dark chocolate and it had cute butterflies on top. The second place went to another student from my class, Sarah, who made an amazing 'surf wave' by making different layers of dark, milk, and white chocolate at different lengths to create the curve. It was Really cool! First place went to my pine cone display. We also made some small chocolates to be displayed and they were: ginger white chocolate ganache dipped in dark chocolate, dark chocolate filled with coffee chocolate caramel, lime coconut truffles in white chocolate, and turtles. ENJOY!

Pastillage Christmas Box

Last week I was able to show some of my creative decorating talents when we made pastillage boxes, filled with marzipan fruits.
I decided to give my box a fun Christmas theme by making an elevated snowflake (by using stringwork) on top of the box with holly around the sides. Pastillage is an edible sugar dough that dries hard. we made the pieces for the box then we 'glued' them together with royal icing. The fruits are hand shaped and them airbrushed and hand painted. I made a potato, beet, cabbage, pea, hot pepper, green pepper, peach, pear, walnut, and blueberries. The beautiful creation was raffled off at our church's Advent Tea. ENJOY.