Wedding of the past

This is a cake I made for my friends' wedding in August of 08. She sent me the photos yesterday (photographer Andrew Goodwin) so that is why they are being put up now. Suzie and Thomas (the bride and groom) wanted something simple but elegant so this is what I came up with. The design was inspired by a cake on the cover of the Bakers Journal done by Bonnie Gordon. The wedding colours were white and charcoal so I decided to transition the blossoms from light to dark as they cascaded down the cake. I made almost 200 hydrangea blossoms and each was dusted with pearl, silver, or black edible powder to give them a soft look. Enjoy!

Sister Birthday Cake/Placement

On October 15th I blogged about a birthday cake I made for a second cousin once removed. Now I am blogging about one for her sister! Amanda (the other sister) just turned 24 this week and asked me to do a cake for her. She asked for it to be blue (to match her dress) with a bow on top, similar to the one I made for her sister. So I created a present cake in blue with a lighter blue bow, outlined with silver. It also has light blue polka dots masked with a silver finish and a white fondant gift tag. The cake is vanilla with vanilla custard. ENJOY!

Right now I am currently doing my co-op/externship placement instead of studying at GBC. It is for the first seven weeks of the semester and then I will be heading back to GBC for the last seven weeks (then Im graduating! wow!). For the end of semester at GBC we will be learning about artisan breads, sugar work, and wedding cakes. I am very excited for each of these areas but being back at GBC means I will be leaving my placement. I am doing it at Bake: dessert co. here in Toronto and God has so greatly blessed me with this place. I have only been there for two weeks so far and I already feel so at home. The business is run by a mother and daughter team and they have three other women employees but they all seem like family. Everyone there is kind, funny, caring, and so eager to help me learn; I absolutely love it!!

Wedding of the New Year

This is my first cake of the new year and it was also one of my best.

My mom's cousin was married on Jan 2 2010 and she asked me to do the cake. Jen and Marc (the bride and groom) came up with some ideas they liked mainly in white with some black and green (their wedding colours). The Final decision was a four tier cake in white fondant with black and green centered gumpaste flowers, also in white. The favourite flavours of the bride and groom were carrot and lemon so they were the bottom two tiers. The top two tiers were vanilla and chocolate.

The wedding was a lot of fun and the dancing really took the cake! ENJOY!