Princess Ella celebrates again

Wow I cant believe Ella is five! (well technically 4 and 364 days) I can remember when we went to the airport to pick up my Aunty Effie and Uncle Neil with their new bundle of joy from China. Ella even fell asleep in my arms on the way out to the car!

Well this blog is about her birthday cake(s). I called her a few weeks ago to see what flavour she wanted her cake to be. After I suggested a few she decided on coconut cake with raspberry filling. Around Christmas time when she was at our house I asked her if she would like a ballerina cake (I know she loves ballerinas and I saw a perfect idea in a cake book at the school library) she said yes but also wanted it to be Tinkerbell. So when I called to find out the flavour I asked if she still wanted it to be ballerina Tinkerbell and she had changed her mind to Barbie ballerina. This actually made things easier. So I planned away and figured out what I was going to do. As it turns out, Barbie has the longest legs ever, so some adjusting had to be done to my original cake idea. It turned into two cakes. One was Ballerina Barbie and one was a cute cake that said 'Happy Birthday Ella'. The Ballerina Barbie is a Barbie doll with a cake and fondant dress and shoes. The 'Happy Birthday Ella' cake was done with swiss meringue buttercream and fondant flowers.

Also, last weekend, I purchased a miniature donut pan (these are going to be huge (no pun intended) on the popularity scale when I someday have my own shop). So since I was already making cake, I figured I would use some batter and make cute little donuts as well. So I have included a picture of them. ENJOY!

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Jenny Gregor said...

I do enjoy this picture of the mini donuts, but I enjoyed eating them much better :)