Pulled Sugar Work

Yay I can finally post my pulled sugar piece! We just finished them off yesterday in class, but I have been so excited for people to see what you can make out of sugar! You would really get a better 'WOW' factor if you could see my GBC Chef do a demonstration, he is a MASTER!

The task was to make a pulled sugar basket filed with flowers and adorned with a bow. We started off by watching Chef demo a basket and then went off to attempt our own. After two-and-a-half failed attempts and some lightly toasted fingers, I finally made a basket worthy of keeping. Next we made the handle (which the bow and ribbons are stuck to) which was just wrapping sugar around bamboo skewers. Who knew it would be so tricky? But only two failed attempts this time! We then moved on to roses, lilies, orchids, and daffodils. Last, but not least, we made the striped ribbons which I was quite excited about! They were a bit tricky but I was able to do mine fairly quickly. Overall I was pretty happy with how my basket of flowers turned out though there is plenty of room for improvement. ENJOY! and say tuned for 'blown sugar' on Thursday.

p.s. I must mention that the most important part of any pulled sugar work is the 'silk shine' which is the shiny satin sheen you create when you pull and aerate the sugar properly. Chef was very determined that we all knew the importance of SILK SHINE!!

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Leanne said...

emily! this is so beautiful! and so are you!!! God bless my little munchkin :)