Sugar desert

Wow, the last 8 weeks have flown by! I have finished up my placement and also enjoyed reading week at home. Now, after 12 weeks (including Christmas break) I am finally back into the GBC labs. For the first 2 weeks we will be working with SUGAR!! How exciting!

To ease us into the pain and blisters that we are sure to soon endure (from pulling hot sugar), we have started off the week by 'casting' sugar. This is when you heat sugar and pour it into a design, then assemble the pieces to create a showpiece. We were allowed to do any design we wanted and after some thinking I decided to do a piece inspired by my dad. He is a huge fan of Arizona so I thought it would be cool to do some cactus and a sunset, I also added in a howling coyote and a tumbleweed. Doing the sugar casting was surprisingly easy, so long as you have a properly working thermometer (thermometers and myself have a poor history) and can work quickly. Overall I was happy with how my piece turned out and I hope to do more in the future. ENJOY!

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