Gumpaste flowers

This is just going to be a quicky blog about gumpaste flowers we made last week in class. It was a part of the wedding cake section (I will soon be posting my creation and more about the wedding cake classes) at GBC, taught by the talented Klara Johnson. This is my favourite of the three gumpaste roses that I did. I also made calla lilies and primroses.

If you are wondering, "what is this 'gumpaste' Emily keeps talking about?" Well wonder no more! Gumpaste is an edible dough made out of sugar, gelatin, cornstarch, meringue powder, and a few other ingredients. In the world of cakes it is used to make beautiful flowers and other decorations.

Weddings cakes

I am very excited for this upcoming wedding season, I have a few cakes on order and can't wait until I get to make them. Thankfully my bottled up creativity was let free a few weeks ago in our GBC class room, when our focus was wedding cakes. As usual I had tons of ideas floating around in my head but I couldn't come up with a perfect design. I decided to pray for the answer (because God often will show me something great) and of course I cake vision popped into my head. Here are a few pictures of the almost finished work ( I will at some point put a butterfly on top), my favourite part is the baby roses. ENJOY!

Easter Excitement

Well I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did this Easter weekend! I think that is was the best one I have had since I was a kid. It consisted of Friday: a day at my old job (aka simple baking and catching up with friends), a steak dinner with Hil, mom and dad, and an evening of movie watching at a friends. Saturday: grocery shopping (a great love, inherited from my mom), many hours of baking, a family cod fish extravaganza, and a super scrabble game with my boyfriend (sadly I lost, but did have some unreal words!). Sunday: playing with cousin Isaac and his new Easter toys, Easter church service followed by fellowship and hot cross buns, last minute dessert assemblage, playing, egg hunting, and other general merriment with Ella and Isaac, and of course the family Easter dinner. But this is not a blog about my life, it is about my creations so let's move on to those.....

A few weeks ago I told my mom to make sure no one (especially my grandma) brings dessert for Easter because I want to make it all. I had a million ideas floating around in my head a couldn't wait to be baking again (I gave up dessert and junk food for Lent so I have been going 40+ days without much creating). This being said, I made almost everything on Saturday and therefor couldn't actually taste my no-recipe creations until Easter dinner the next day (I was slightly worried, due to the fact I have made some not-so-great no-recipe creations in the past). But I put my fears behind me and started my 6 hour baking extravaganza. This is the order of things made: pie dough, chocolate pie dough, chocolate shortbread dough, vanilla tuilles (make and bake), hazelnut toasting, round #1 of regular tart shells, coconut toasting, chocolate tart crusts, raspberry almond filling (make and bake), chocolate caramel (make and fill), raspberry glaze (make and pour), bake chocolate shortbread, round #2 of regular tart shells, brush tart shells with white chocolate, vanilla mango curd (make and fill), grapefruit curd make and fill), marshmallow (homemade) pipe on shortbread and coat with toasted coconut for nests. DONE!

So these are the actual items I created:
Chocolate caramel hazelnut tart
Raspberry almond chocolate tart
Vanilla mango curd white chocolate tarts
Grapefruit curd white chocolate tarts
Vanilla tuilles (no picture)
Chocolate shortbread marshmallow coconut nests

To my great relief, everything tasted super duper! Now if only I had written down the recipes.....