Black Forrest Birthday Cake

What is a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a cake? This week a friend had ordered a black forrest cake with lots of whipped cream and chocolate shavings for his wife's birthday. Since he wanted to have lots of chocolate shavings, I figured that I could put some on the top as well as the sides and then make a 'Happy Birthday' plaque to place on top. I am quite happy with the look of the finished cake. ENJOY!

Cake Fair

I was asked to donate a cake for a children's school fair on tuesday. Since I was baking the Birthday cupcakes on monday I figured it would be a good idea to increase the recipe and bake the cakes at the same time. So the cake was chocolate with a chocolate filling, vanilla buttercream, and covered in fondant. I wanted it to be bright, eye catching, and fun, since it was for the fair. I used a bright blue for the covering with a green boarder and because it is spring I did some flowers on top in pink, yellow, and peach with corresponding miniature flowers around the base. ENJOY!

Birthday Cupcakes

On Monday we were celebrating the 21st birthday of a very good friend of mine and I said that would bring the cake (cupcakes to be exact). Her flavour of choice was chocolate so I very excitedly popped open my new book 'The Cake Bible' by Rose Levy Beranbaum to find a recipe. I made the 'chocolate fudge cake' recipe and used coffee, instead of the water it called for, to add a hint of flavour. The cupcakes turned out beautifully (Mrs. Beranbaum is a master of cakes!), so I let them cool and then injected them with a raspberry filling that I had made earlier. To finish them off I made a vanilla buttercream and added some fondant decorations in black and pink, in a style that was befitting for my friend. I am pretty sure that everyone enjoyed them since they were gone in moments and there was no chatter as we dived into the special treats. ENJOY!

Wedding Cake Masterpiece

For the last two weeks I have been working away making gumpaste flowers for a wedding cake competition. The contest was yesterday at the Bakery Showcase. The cake had to be multi tiered and at least 18 inches tall with a wedding theme. My idea truly was not my own but was a vision from God, which often happens while I'm praying. He gave me the idea as well as the skills to create this masterpiece and I must say that I was more than happy with the final result. All glory to Him!

The cake part is actually styrofoam but the rest is real icing and sugar decorations made by me. I'm not sure exactly how many flowers I made (I really should have counted them) but my guess is near 150 - 200 including the small ones. The varieties were: roses, rose buds, orchids, lilies, calla lilies, daisies, stephanotis, carnations, peonies, blossoms, hydrangeas, one of my own creation, as well as 4 types of leaves.

The top tier is striped with silver and over piped with white cornelli lace and topped with sugar flowers. The two square tiers are covered with cornelli lace on the sides and crosses on the front with painted silhouettes of a woman's face on gumpaste circles. The bottom tier has stringwork as well as a cornelli lace band, and the board is painted silver stripes with cornelli lace over piping to match the top tier.


What Would You Like?

Dear blog readers,

I am taking some time this summer to start testing and perfecting recipes and I was wondering if there is anything you are interested in, perhaps a recipe you have tried that doesn't work, one you are too nervous to try, etc...
Please post a comment with whatever your hearts desire and I will try to reply with a post when I can.


Frozen Banana Stand - Helver 2010 Birthday Cake

Last night was the 4th annual 'Helver' birthday bash for which I promised to make an even better cake than last year (the money cake). It took a while to come up with an idea for a cake that would top the monkey but I knew that my friends both like the show Arrested Development, and with the millions of hilarious things that happen on that show I knew I would be able to come up with something great. At first I thought I would do a pair of jean shorts (these relate to the funniest character on the show) but I thought they wouldn't be all that exciting. So after talking with some other friends who like the show, I decided to make the 'Bluth's original frozen banana' stand (I will include a picture of the real thing) that the family in the show owns. The cake was chocolate banana with chocolate filling and banana rum buttercream. Needless to say the whole party (of people) was thrilled with the cake. It definitely topped the monkey from last year! ENJOY!

p.s. I must say that my sister busted out her masterful skills and made frozen bananas to accompany that cake! Good work Hil!

Chocolate birthday

My number one customer (and a number one lady!) is one of our close family friends. It was her lovely daughters birthday yesterday so she asked me to make the cake for them. Chocolate is always a favourite with their family so we discussed what kind of cake to make based around chocolate ganache. My first thought was, "what better to have it with than a flourless chocolate torte?" Such a rich and delicious explosion of chocolate, who could resist? So of course that is what I made. It was topped off with a lovely pink gumpaste rose. ENJOY!

Baby Showers

A friend of mine asked me to make some fun baby themed cookies for gifts to those attending her baby showers. She is having a boy so I decided to go with the obvious blue theme. I was very excited to finally bust out the bib, bottle, and one-sie cookie cutters, so cute! I also made some 'thank you' cookies to go along with the baby themed ones. ENJOY!