Birthday Cupcakes

On Monday we were celebrating the 21st birthday of a very good friend of mine and I said that would bring the cake (cupcakes to be exact). Her flavour of choice was chocolate so I very excitedly popped open my new book 'The Cake Bible' by Rose Levy Beranbaum to find a recipe. I made the 'chocolate fudge cake' recipe and used coffee, instead of the water it called for, to add a hint of flavour. The cupcakes turned out beautifully (Mrs. Beranbaum is a master of cakes!), so I let them cool and then injected them with a raspberry filling that I had made earlier. To finish them off I made a vanilla buttercream and added some fondant decorations in black and pink, in a style that was befitting for my friend. I am pretty sure that everyone enjoyed them since they were gone in moments and there was no chatter as we dived into the special treats. ENJOY!

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Emily Milling said...

Injection! Brilliant!