Frozen Banana Stand - Helver 2010 Birthday Cake

Last night was the 4th annual 'Helver' birthday bash for which I promised to make an even better cake than last year (the money cake). It took a while to come up with an idea for a cake that would top the monkey but I knew that my friends both like the show Arrested Development, and with the millions of hilarious things that happen on that show I knew I would be able to come up with something great. At first I thought I would do a pair of jean shorts (these relate to the funniest character on the show) but I thought they wouldn't be all that exciting. So after talking with some other friends who like the show, I decided to make the 'Bluth's original frozen banana' stand (I will include a picture of the real thing) that the family in the show owns. The cake was chocolate banana with chocolate filling and banana rum buttercream. Needless to say the whole party (of people) was thrilled with the cake. It definitely topped the monkey from last year! ENJOY!

p.s. I must say that my sister busted out her masterful skills and made frozen bananas to accompany that cake! Good work Hil!


Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome.

Emily Milling said...

Incredible! That's the best show ever, and the cake is FAB!