Wedding Cake Masterpiece

For the last two weeks I have been working away making gumpaste flowers for a wedding cake competition. The contest was yesterday at the Bakery Showcase. The cake had to be multi tiered and at least 18 inches tall with a wedding theme. My idea truly was not my own but was a vision from God, which often happens while I'm praying. He gave me the idea as well as the skills to create this masterpiece and I must say that I was more than happy with the final result. All glory to Him!

The cake part is actually styrofoam but the rest is real icing and sugar decorations made by me. I'm not sure exactly how many flowers I made (I really should have counted them) but my guess is near 150 - 200 including the small ones. The varieties were: roses, rose buds, orchids, lilies, calla lilies, daisies, stephanotis, carnations, peonies, blossoms, hydrangeas, one of my own creation, as well as 4 types of leaves.

The top tier is striped with silver and over piped with white cornelli lace and topped with sugar flowers. The two square tiers are covered with cornelli lace on the sides and crosses on the front with painted silhouettes of a woman's face on gumpaste circles. The bottom tier has stringwork as well as a cornelli lace band, and the board is painted silver stripes with cornelli lace over piping to match the top tier.



Emily Milling said...

pretty stellar dude, you're doing so well!

Matt said...

That's a truly amazing cake. Love the flower details. Incredible. Nice, nice work.