Belated Birthday Wishes

Busyness seems to be a large part in why a recent birthday celebration (for a very good friend of mine) was about 2 months late! We have been trying to hang out for months and something always gets in the way. We were finally able to hang out and I made his favourite cupcakes for a super belated birthday treat. The favourite flavour is vanilla cake, strawberry filling, and fondant icing on top. I whipped them up from a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe (she really is a cake master!), filled them with strawberry goodness, brushed them with apricot glaze (to keep in moisture and make the top adhesive for fondant), and topped them with stripy fondant. The cake was so moist and soft that they melted in your mouth! I would have liked more strawberry filling in them but they could only hold a small amount before it came exploding out the top (I will have to work on a way to get more in there.) ENJOY!

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Bryan said...

I can vouch for their melt-in-your-mouthyness!