Gluten Free

Gluten free products are becoming very popular these days. People who have celiacs disease (gluten intolerance) or have made a lifestyle choice to not eat gluten have created a new market for these products and this market is growing! I have actually been asked by a few brides if a layer of their cake or some of their cupcakes can be gluten free. I also have a number of friends who don't or can't eat gluten. This always makes for a wonderful baking challenge. There are many types of gluten free flour on the market (bulk barn carries a large selection) and also some that just have a lower gluten content than wheat flour.

This week I made a carrot cake for a friend who doesn't like to have a lot of gluten in her diet. The flours I used were coconut, brown rice, spelt, and an all purpose gluten free. The spelt does actually have a low amount of gluten so it was not 100% gluten free, but rather close. The texture of the cake was slightly less chewy than a wheat flour carrot cake which actually made it quite nice, the flavour was the same - quite tasty! ENJOY!

p.s. I put some gumpaste flowers on top to make it look extra special! (roses, carnation, stephanotis, pansy, and forget-me-not) Here's a close up:

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