3 in 1

Friday was a triple feature day for me as I had 3 cakes in one day. I did a 50th anniversary cake as well as 2 birthday cakes.

The anniversary cake was for my great aunt and uncle who were celebrating 50 years of marriage, congratulations! Theirs was a two tier lemon cake with lemon filling, iced in vanilla buttercream, and decorated with royal blue string work, dots, and scrolls, as well as some gumpaste calla lilies on top. The design was inspired by a cake from the movie Marie Antoinette.

The first birthday cake was for a friends grandma. She is a classy lady so they asked for an elegant cake done in black and white. It was also lemon with a lemon filling and vanilla buttercream.

The second birthday cake was for a friend of mine from high school. She asked for a fun and colourful cake (which matches her fun and bubbly personality) with a purple hippo on top. The cake was vanilla with cherry filling and the best part was that it was not only colourful on the outside but also on the inside! I coloured the cake batter pink, orange, and green to match the outer decoration.


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