Yesterday was Canada day, whoo hoo! Our family decided to spend the afternoon celebrating at the park/beach. This was a joint celebration of my aunt and uncle's 20th wedding anniversary, my other aunt's birthday, and of coarse Canada day. At my Aunt's (birthday girl) request I made cupcakes with her favourite buttercream icing: butter, milk, icing sugar, and vanilla. The cupcakes I made were vanilla and the recipe was one that I carefully invented, using whipping cream instead of butter and milk. The cake seemed to work out well and I will post the recipe once it is perfect. For the birthday cupcakes I did bows and flowers for decorations and of coarse for Canada day I did red maple leaves. It was only after I had finished decorating them all that I remembered the anniversary and sadly did not have enough time to redo any into a wedding theme. So here are the ones I did Enjoy!!


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