Caranberry orange cornmeal muffins

For the last little while I have been yearning to make muffins in orange rinds. I remember doing this once in girl guides as a child. We cooked ours over a fire when we were camping (which I would have done with these but didn't want to light a fire just to bake 3 muffins). I really wanted to have cornmeal as the main flavour and texture in the muffin because it is so yummy and also healthy. The orange flavour paired very nicely with the hearty flavour of the cornmeal and the dried cranberries were like sweet and flavourful jewels of surprise. Baking in the orange rinds gave the muffins excellent flavour as well as moistness. Due to the lack of heat conducted from the peel the muffins didn't brown on the bottom so they were best scooped out of the rind with a spoon. YUM. ENJOY!

A little man's birthday cake

This is a cake that I recently made for a friend's son who turned 8 on his birthday. He loves Star Wars, fishing (there are fish around the side of the cake) and now his dad has got him into dirt biking. Since these were things I knew he enjoyed I wanted to incorporate them all into his birthday cake to make it extra special. I knew the type of dirt bike they owned from a picture I had seen and what Star Wars fan doesn't like R2D2? These items along with a few fish were made out of fondant to decorate the chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Enjoy!

Wedding Cupcakes

Over the past few years cupcakes have become a very popular choice for weddings instead of a full cake. The last two wedding orders I had show that this trend is true, the brides both wanted cupcakes.

The first wedding had owls as a theme, so I thought it would be cute to have a owl on each cupcake. I bought an owl stamp off of (a great website for handmade gifts!) and used it on round circles of gumpaste. Each cupcake had a swirl of vanilla buttercream, silver pearls, and the owl stamped gumpaste circle. I also made a cake for the bride and groom to cut which was decorated like a nest with two fondant owls sitting inside. (I only have a picture of the top cake)

The second round of cupcakes were done in five different flavours with five different designs. The bride showed me some designs she liked, told me the colours she wanted, and I put together similar designs with my own personal touch. These cupcakes had fondant on top and were decorated with royal icing and fondant.


Petit Fours

I have been wanting to make petit fours for such a long time! The last (and only other) time I made them was in class over a year ago at GBC. They were really cute and really tasty. Finally I had an excuse to make some (as a gift for someone) so I jumped at the chance. The ones that I made were an adaptation from the GBC ones as I used raspberry jam instead of apricot and did 2 layers of sponge instead of 3. ENJOY!

Caramel Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroon - Gluten free

A friend of mine just recently celebrated her 19th birthday and I wanted to make some treats to give her for this special occasion. These macaroons were inspired by the new scooper I bought a few weeks ago and had not yet given much use to. They were also partially inspired by the dulce de leche macaroons made at Bake: Dessert Co. where I did my externship.

I decided to make a caramel sauce and add in coconut, egg whites, cornsyrup, and chocolate chips. Then I let the mixture rest for an hour. I scooped them with my new scooper and baked in a 400f oven for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

My collection

Being a baker I have received many aprons over the years as gifts for my birthday, Christmas, etc... At one point I thought, "Wow I really don't need any more aprons!" but then I realized that they can be my collection. A lot of people collect things like stamps or shoes or item with roosters on them (my mom), so aprons are now mine! I love each of my aprons and I thought I would share my collection so far. Here they are:

Easter apron from Nanny (my grandma)

Red Williams Sonoma apron from Hilary (my sister)

White tea apron from Ann (friend)

Cupcake apron and oven mitt set from Hilary (sister)

Purple Guatamalan apron (brought all the way from Guatamala) from Leah (friend)

Reversible apron from Nanny (my grandma)

Green Christmas tree apron from Nanny (my grandma)

HOHOHO Christmas apron Nanny (my grandma)

Snowman apron from Aunt Beverly and Uncle Dave, Sewn by Aunt Roseanne

Vintage half apron from Julia (friend)

Yellow half apron made by and from Noni (my grandma)

Pink oven mitts from Jesse (friend)


3 in 1 AGAIN!

It seems that recently I haven't been able to keep up with posting my cake pictures. So yet again I am doing a 3 in 1.

The wedding cake is for some friends daughter who was married yesterday. They let me design the cake however I wanted so long as it was elegant and white. I was quite happy with the final result. The funny part of this cake was that it was being transported by some other friends who were attending the wedding (which was 2 hours away) and they were very nervous about being the ones in charge of its safe arrival. I was sure to make it extra sturdy for the journey but they went the extra mile by having a huge tupperware container to put it in which was bungeed onto their car seat and supported by towels, a great contraption (I am sure they could have gone off roading and the cake wouldn't have a scratch!)

The next cake was for a lady from church who is married to a Swiss. They often celebrate Swiss national day (Aug 1st) and she asked me to make a Switzerland themed cake to bring to church so we could all celebrate with her. The cake was carrot with a vanilla buttercream and was decorated with fondant pieces in the shapes of the flag, skis, mountains, cheese, Rolex watch, alphorn, and a few Lindt chocolates.

Last but certainly not least are the cat cupcakes I made for the brother's girlfriend. She loves cats and I made these as a surprise. I tried to make them as cute as possible (because she loves cute things with big eyes and such) and I was thrilled with how they turned out. She loved them! The cake was cinnamon raisin with a caramel buttercream.


Baby Alex

My friend recently had a baby boy and we were celebrating this with a shower. I was asked to do a cake and was allowed to have free reign so long as it was boy themed. I decided to play around with cake flavours and made a toasted almond cake with caramel filling. yum yum yum. It was iced in vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant pieces that were baby themes (bottle, bib, stroller, etc...) ENJOY!

Cheesecake in a pot

On our recent trip up to the cottage we celebrated my sister's 19th birthday. Needless to say she was rather excited. Her favourite cake is vanilla cheesecake and of course I was going to make one for her special day. So I got out the ingredients, turned on the oven, put on an apron found the retro electric mixer and got ready to whip up something tasty. Only one thing stood in my way... there was no bowl for the mixer! After rummaging through the cupboards for something small enough but not breakable to use (the mixer doesn't detach) I finally decided on a pot. Yes this cheesecake was made in a kitchen pot (without a spatula for that matter) and it was delicious! I thought it was a great accomplishment so I took a picture. I have also posted a picture of the gumpaste shoes that I made for the top of the cake. My sister is a fashionista and she was so excited when she saw
"[her] very own pair of Jimmy Choo's!" ENJOY!