3 in 1 AGAIN!

It seems that recently I haven't been able to keep up with posting my cake pictures. So yet again I am doing a 3 in 1.

The wedding cake is for some friends daughter who was married yesterday. They let me design the cake however I wanted so long as it was elegant and white. I was quite happy with the final result. The funny part of this cake was that it was being transported by some other friends who were attending the wedding (which was 2 hours away) and they were very nervous about being the ones in charge of its safe arrival. I was sure to make it extra sturdy for the journey but they went the extra mile by having a huge tupperware container to put it in which was bungeed onto their car seat and supported by towels, a great contraption (I am sure they could have gone off roading and the cake wouldn't have a scratch!)

The next cake was for a lady from church who is married to a Swiss. They often celebrate Swiss national day (Aug 1st) and she asked me to make a Switzerland themed cake to bring to church so we could all celebrate with her. The cake was carrot with a vanilla buttercream and was decorated with fondant pieces in the shapes of the flag, skis, mountains, cheese, Rolex watch, alphorn, and a few Lindt chocolates.

Last but certainly not least are the cat cupcakes I made for the brother's girlfriend. She loves cats and I made these as a surprise. I tried to make them as cute as possible (because she loves cute things with big eyes and such) and I was thrilled with how they turned out. She loved them! The cake was cinnamon raisin with a caramel buttercream.


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