Caranberry orange cornmeal muffins

For the last little while I have been yearning to make muffins in orange rinds. I remember doing this once in girl guides as a child. We cooked ours over a fire when we were camping (which I would have done with these but didn't want to light a fire just to bake 3 muffins). I really wanted to have cornmeal as the main flavour and texture in the muffin because it is so yummy and also healthy. The orange flavour paired very nicely with the hearty flavour of the cornmeal and the dried cranberries were like sweet and flavourful jewels of surprise. Baking in the orange rinds gave the muffins excellent flavour as well as moistness. Due to the lack of heat conducted from the peel the muffins didn't brown on the bottom so they were best scooped out of the rind with a spoon. YUM. ENJOY!

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