Cheesecake in a pot

On our recent trip up to the cottage we celebrated my sister's 19th birthday. Needless to say she was rather excited. Her favourite cake is vanilla cheesecake and of course I was going to make one for her special day. So I got out the ingredients, turned on the oven, put on an apron found the retro electric mixer and got ready to whip up something tasty. Only one thing stood in my way... there was no bowl for the mixer! After rummaging through the cupboards for something small enough but not breakable to use (the mixer doesn't detach) I finally decided on a pot. Yes this cheesecake was made in a kitchen pot (without a spatula for that matter) and it was delicious! I thought it was a great accomplishment so I took a picture. I have also posted a picture of the gumpaste shoes that I made for the top of the cake. My sister is a fashionista and she was so excited when she saw
"[her] very own pair of Jimmy Choo's!" ENJOY!

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