My collection

Being a baker I have received many aprons over the years as gifts for my birthday, Christmas, etc... At one point I thought, "Wow I really don't need any more aprons!" but then I realized that they can be my collection. A lot of people collect things like stamps or shoes or item with roosters on them (my mom), so aprons are now mine! I love each of my aprons and I thought I would share my collection so far. Here they are:

Easter apron from Nanny (my grandma)

Red Williams Sonoma apron from Hilary (my sister)

White tea apron from Ann (friend)

Cupcake apron and oven mitt set from Hilary (sister)

Purple Guatamalan apron (brought all the way from Guatamala) from Leah (friend)

Reversible apron from Nanny (my grandma)

Green Christmas tree apron from Nanny (my grandma)

HOHOHO Christmas apron Nanny (my grandma)

Snowman apron from Aunt Beverly and Uncle Dave, Sewn by Aunt Roseanne

Vintage half apron from Julia (friend)

Yellow half apron made by and from Noni (my grandma)

Pink oven mitts from Jesse (friend)


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