London Calling

In only a few days my little sister (now 19!) will be starting a big adventure. She will soon be off to London, England to attend fashion school for a year.

Being the sister that I am, I threw her a goodbye party complete with a theme: Canadian. The idea behind the 'Canadian' theme was to show my sister how much she will miss Canada and that she must return when school is done (the probability of her falling in love with a British guy, due to his accent and charm, and wanting to stay in England is 1000000:1). Decor for the party was maple leaf balloons, Canada flag, "Goodbye Hilary" poster, etc... guests were also asked to dress up in a "Canadian" outfit such as a hockey jersey, lumber jack outfit, and so on. Some of the costumes were amazing, mine being one of the funniest with a Canada rain poncho and red and white curly afro wig and Canada flag tattoos on my cheeks. BUT of course the best part of the the theme was the food: maple cheese cake pops, nanaimo bars, butter tarts, peameal bacon sandwiches, ketchup chips (yes these are Canadian), poutine, and chocolate loonies and toonies.

Last but not least was the cake (although not Canadian themed). Being into fashion, my sister does quit a bit of sewing and for the better part of the year our dining room (not to mention other unexpected places) has been taken over by her material, pins, needles, patterns, machine, etc...I thought that a sewing basket cake would reflect her well. The look of the basket was done in buttercream while the top decorations were done in fondant. There are pins, needles, thread, a zipper, material, ribbon, measuring tape, measurements, and buttons all completed with a needle point "GOODBYE HILARY". The cake was lemon (a recipe of my own, using a different mixing technique, which will soon be blogged about once it has been perfected) with a blueberry filling. ENJOY!

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Super delicious, even just to see, as is the author!
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