I am finally home after a month of traveling in Europe. Paris was one on the stops and the pastry there was awesome! The croissants were rich, buttery, and melted in your mouth. I tried 10 flavours of french macaron and the best by far was a milk chocolate passion fruit macaron from Pierre Herme. The shell was crisp on the exterior and smooth with just a hint of chewiness inside. The filling was a velvety smooth ganache, full of chocolate flavour that perfectly complemented the tang of the passion fruit. I think I could have enjoyed 50 of these little delights if my pocket had been able to afford it.

After all the sampling and pastry discovery I decided that when I got home I was going to make macarons of my own (I couldn't wait to be in the kitchen again baking). Thanksgiving was just around the corner so I decided to make them for our family festivities. Inspired by harvest flavours I came up with pumpkin spice macarons. By the end of thanksgiving evening the 30 or so I had made were all gone and people were looking for more. Success! ENJOY!

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