4th Birthday

Multicolour with stars. That was the request of my little cousin for his fourth birthday cake. We had looked at Lightning McQueen, dinosaurs, Diego, etc... but his favourite was a cake with stars on it and he wanted it to be multicoloured. (I discovered this week that he really does love multicolours. I was helping to look after him and his sister and we did a lot of colouring, all of which was multicoloured.) The flavour he wanted was vanilla cake with vanilla filling and I did a vanilla buttercream with fondant stars for the decoration. I thought that putting stars all over the cake would be a bit boring so I decided to put opposite coloured balls of fondant on top of the ring of stars to give a stronger contrast. I was happy with the overall look but felt it was still missing something. After a few hum's and ahh's I did some designs on the stars around the edge and put 4's on the balls of fondant on top. Then it looked good. ENJOY!

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