My 21st Birthday!

I am writing my blog today with a very joy-filled heart. Not only did I have a great birthday weekend but right now I am enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone covered with caramel corn! Why I haven't done this before is unknown, it's great!
Last friday I celebrated my 21st birthday and the common question around that day is, "Who is going to make your birthday cake?". The answer...ME! I love making my own cake and this year was quite an exciting one. Recently my reading time has been filled with a blog about the best pastry in Paris (click here) which I found a few weeks ago. The awesome flavour combinations and unique assemblage of pastries inspired me to make my own. Starting off with the desire to make a mousse cake surrounded with macaron shells, I chose to do a white chocolate-cranberry-lemon mousse with lemon macarons. For the sponge in the mousse cake I decided to try gingerbread flavour and layered it with lemon curd. I also made bubble sugar to decorate the top. The overall creation was stimulating for both the eyes and the palate and I was very excited because the recipes for the mousse and sponge were my own.
To accompany the mousse cake I made a croquembouche of profiteroles filled with chocolate pastry cream and decorated with fondant flowers and a marzipan birthday ribbon, a banana custard tart with rum glaze, and mint cake bites. I had a wonderful time creating the desserts and was so happy the birthday guests liked the final results. ENJOY

White chocolate Cranberry Lemon Mousse cake


Banana tart

Mint cake bites

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