Saturday Morning Croissants

Butter, butter, and MORE BUTTER! mmmm. That is why home-made croissants are so good. This morning I made some buttery melt-in-your-mouth croissants which were so tasty I had to control myself before I fainted from butter overload, which really wouldn't be a bad reason to faint. The baking croissants filled my nose with the smell of butter, my mind of Paris (although I was reading a Paris pastry blog while the croissant were baking, so maybe it was partially due to that), and my mouth with a dancing tongue in anticipation of the treat soon to come.

There were three varieties: the unadorned butter croissant, cheese filled, and chocolate filled. I hope you can ENJOY the pictures without drooling in your lap from thinking of their buttery goodness.

Pre-baked cheese croissant

Baked croissant

Partially consumed chocolate croissant

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